Q&A on Medical Decision-Making

Q&A on Medical Decision-Making

QUESTION: I am nervous about people making medical decisions for me. What are your thoughts?

ANSWER: The need for medical directives is greater than many people realize in managing your health and making healthcare decisions.

To answer your question, you need to fill out a medical directive statement. The two most familiar statements are living wills and Power of Attorney for Health Care documents. These legal documents allow you to make choices regarding your health care. They are easy to complete and grant you the opportunity to communicate your health care desires in advance of a terminal illness. However, living wills are becoming increasingly obsolete.

Christian Life Resources recommends that you sign a Power of Attorney for Health Care, and we offer a Christian version on this website that you can download at no cost. Click here to get started.

One strong word of advice: please talk to your family about your desires either before or after you sign a health care document. Without open discussion among your family, ugly arguments may develop regarding the level or kinds of treatment you receive. Making end-of-life decisions are difficult enough without the added burden of family disputes. Good communication, in advance of medical situations, can go a long way in eliminating these unfortunate disagreements.


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