Q&A on Assisted Suicide and Quality of Life

Q&A on Assisted Suicide and Quality of Life

QUESTION: Why are you so worked up about assisted suicide? If I don’t want to live when my quality of life is gone, why should you have the right to tell me I don’t have options?

ANSWER: Your question indicates some misconceptions on your part. First, we do not convey our own opinions, but rather we share the message of God’s Word and apply Biblical principles to life issues. We are “worked up” about assisted suicide because the Bible makes it clear that we do not have the authority to determine the time of a person’s death, nor the right to take a human life (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 32:39). Secondly, you certainly can exercise your options regarding your health care, even when you are terminally ill. Our ministry is designed to help you identify the option that is consistent with God’s Word and the best choice for your situation. Rather than fighting for the right to end your life, we would prefer to find positive alternatives that help you make your last days as peaceful and beneficial as possible.


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