Conception Begins at Fertilization

Conception Begins at Fertilization

When studying for my doctorate in Human Anatomy at the University of Iowa, I completed a course in Embryology. We were clearly taught that conception was when the maternal and paternal chromosomes combine and produce a diploid zygote cell. The nucleus of the zygote contains all the DNA to develop and differentiate into a living human being. Mitosis follows on the second day to a four cell stage, on the third day to a morula stage, on the fourth day into an early blastocyst stage and on the sixth day to a late blastocyst stage. Implantation of the blastocyst to the uterine wall occurs around the sixth day and is usually completed by the 14th day after ovulation.  At fertilization the mother is pregnant.

However, in our amoral secular philosophy that is sweeping the country, most medical dictionaries and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have redefined conception as implantation. This deceptive definition does not reflect accurate medical science but rather political correctness in order for the FDA to approve of ulipristal acetate as an emergency contraceptive effective for up to five days. The drug contains a hormone which not only delays ovulation, but also alters the cellular environment of the endometrium to prevent implantation of the fertilized zygote or blastocyst. If the drug is taken before fertilization, it prevents ovulation, and it is a contraceptive! If it is taken after fertilization, it prevents implantation of the blastocyst, and it is an abortifacient, i.e., an agent causing a chemical abortion! This is a deceitful attempt to have pregnant women believe that even though they were pregnant, no abortion occurred! The FDA, which is supposed to protect all human life, is deliberately misleading women by mislabeling ella (the European name for ulipristal acetate) only as a contraceptive and not as an abortifacient!

Sneaky dishonest semantics doesn’t change the truth. The FDA’s decision on ella states that subjective humans can decide when human life has started. But the Holy Trinity created human life. He through accurate, objective human science defines when human life really begins, and that is at fertilization of the female ovum into a zygote/blastocyst.  Destroying the fertilized zygote/blastocyst before implantation on the uterine wall is killing an unborn baby by a chemical abortion! Christian doctors should not prescribe ella to their female patients or they will probably be contributing to the death of a preembryo! God’s truth doesn’t change! The clear words of the Bible should be the foundation of all our thinking especially in medical science! Conception begins at fertilization!

Sola Scriptura all the way!

David A. Kaufmann is a Professor of Applied Physiology (Retired) at the University of Florida. He was Secretary of the Creation Research Society for 23 years. Kaufmann is a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Gainesville, FL.


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