Life and Politics

Capitol Hill

Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director, Christian Life Resources

The American political structure forms public policy and, as such, moral issues often become political issues. For that reason, it is necessary, at times, for CLR to comment on political issues. In particular, I wish to provide some clarity:

  • Christian Life Resources is not a religious arm of the Republican Party. We are pleased, however, with the party platform for its strong stand against abortion, as well as for the protection of unborn life.
  • Christian Life Resources is not against the Democratic Party. We do, however, criticize the party for its platform that favors abortion.
  • Christian Life Resources is not a handmaiden to Republican candidates. We do, however, find it necessary on occasion to mention the candidates’ names when reporting efforts to protect life and preserve the traditional family.
  • Christian Life Resources does not hate Democratic politicians. We do, however, find it necessary at times to mention the politicians’ names when initiatives are proposed which are consistent with the Democratic Party platform against life.

Simply put, Christian Life Resources is a pro-life and pro-family Christian organization. Our definitions of pro-life and pro-family are defined in Scripture. Any candidate – Republican, Democrat, or otherwise – is scrutinized on their positions related to these matters.

Are life and family issues the only issues of concern to Christians? Of course not. Christians should also be concerned about other issues such as war, capital punishment, taxation, helping other countries, etc. Those, however, are not CLR issues.

So long as one party platform is as diametrically opposed to the pro-life and pro-family positions of Scripture, members of that party find themselves “called out” for such positions.

There is another reality about politicians. Not all Republicans follow the Republican pro-life and pro-family platform.

There are also Democratic politicians who do not support the party’s erroneous views on life and family.

We recognize there are pro-life Christians who support Democratic candidates based on their other positions. Minimally, do not let your pro-life voice become lost. One organization, Democrats for Life, encourages pro-life Democrats to participate in their efforts to bring about change. Encouraging a Democratic representative to be a part of that group would be a good thing as well.

Even more impacting would be direct involvement in the political process. Become involved in political caucuses and run for public office. Through Scripture, you know what is right. If you, who know what is right, do not fill offices of public service, then they are left to those who do not know what is right.

Meanwhile, we at Christian Life Resources continue to challenge any position contrary to Scripture, whether held by a Republican or a Democrat.


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