Our Baby’s Life Begins (Fetal Development)

Day 1: Today your life began. The egg from your mother was fertilized by the father’s sperm within one of your mother’s two fallopian tubes. You received 23 chromosomes from each parent. You are unique and individual.

Days 5-9: From the moment of fertilization you have been growing as you journey down the fallopian tube. Meanwhile the uterine lining has been preparing for your arrival and your implant.

Days 10-14: Your mother may not know you are there yet, but her body is receiving the signals. Her menstrual cycle will halt and her body will begin changing internally and externally to focus on providing you with nourishment and preparing for your eventual delivery.

Day 21: Your mother’s normal menstrual cycle is now about one week late. Your mom and dad begin to wonder if you are in there. Indeed you are. Your little heart has already started beating, and the basics of your nervous system are established.

Day 30: You are now one month old. If we could see you we would notice that your arms, legs, eyes and ears and some muscles are starting to form.

Day 35: You have five fingers on each hand – ready to hold a football or play the piano. Your heart is busy pumping and, as incredible as it sounds, your blood type can actually be different than your mother’s. The developing placenta keeps your blood from mixing which protects your life and her life.

Day 40: We don’t know what you are thinking, but brain waves can be measured.

Week 7: Your liver is working, and you begin to move spontaneously. Your jaw is not only forming, but you have the buds of your first teeth.

Week 8: A lot has been happening, and you are now a little more than an inch long. Your stomach is starting to produce digestive juices and your kidneys are beginning to function. Although your mother still cannot feel your movement, you are becoming sensitive to touch.

Week 9: We don’t expect you to be a criminal, but you already have fingerprints.

Week 10: You can now swallow. You can even squint and wrinkle your forehead.

Week 11: You have grown another inch in less than three weeks. You have grown fast, and your face is already beginning to look like the little baby we will see at birth.

Week 12: You are having sleep cycles. You can move your head and curl your toes.

Week 13: You are beginning to grow hair already. and it looks like we can tell if you are a boy or a girl.

Month 4: You have really been growing. You are eight to ten inches long and already weigh at least a half a pound. We can see from your mother’s belly the proof that you are now in there. Your ears have started to work and will continue to work better – until you are a teenager (just kidding!).

Month 5: You are halfway here. You are 12 inches long, and your hearing has gotten good enough that you start to recognize your mother’s voice. You even startle at sudden sounds around you.

Month 6: It is still too early but in an emergency many children your age have been able to live outside the womb. We prefer you continue to grow.

Month 7: You are getting stronger and larger, and your senses are becoming more developed.

Month 8: Your body is developing important antibodies. Your skin is also firming up and preparing for life outside of the womb.

Month 9: It has been between 266 and 294 days since your life began. We are anxious to hold you, and you must be anxious for birth. You are now six to nine pounds and between 19 and 21 inches long. It’s beginning to get pretty tight in there.

Birth Date: Today we met for the first time. You look great!


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