Protection Coming for the Unborn

It appears that piece by piece the U.S. Supreme Court is dismantling its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The most recent dismantling dealt with restrictions for agencies receiving Title X funding. Title X is the designation for federal money provided to assist agencies to counsel in family planning. On May 23 the U.S. Supreme Court announced its ruling in the case of Rust v. Sullivan. In that case the Court upheld Reagan Administration regulations prohibiting Title X family planning clinics from providing information or referrals on abortion.

As expected, pro-abortion advocates have reacted strongly. In a carefully preplanned response to the ruling Planned Parenthood officials have framed the issue as one violating First Amendment rights. Joined by other abortion advocates, Planned Parenthood claims that such a decision denies counselors their First Amendment rights to free speech.

This is not a surprising tactic for a radical segment of society which has successfully promoted the killing of unborn children under the banner of “Freedom of Choice.”

Nothing bothers Americans more than to suggest that their freedom is being infringed upon and rights are being taken away.

Reality, however, paints a different picture. Where were these “rights advocates” when regulations prevented federal money to states which did not have seat belt laws, or did not enforce the 55 mph speed limit? Would it be wrong for the government to ask that money allocated for cancer research include the stipulation that recipients not promote smoking, the intake of saccharin, prolonged exposure to sunlight and other proven cancer causing activities?

Title X funds are for use in contraceptive services. Abortion is not contraception. It is unethical and deceptive for abortion advocates to insist this is a free speech issue. Their selective use of “rights” issues betrays an agenda hellbent on killing unborn children.

For the Christian this is good news for unborn children. It also accentuates the need for our work. Beneficiaries of Title X money may still look for abortions. They need to hear our message. Some may stop looking and decide to let their unborn child live. They need our support.

Laws control a sinful world. The message of God’s Word controls an eternity. Even with this new ruling eternities are still at risk. Let us continue to speak up.


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