Q&A on Abstinence/Teaching Teens about Birth Control

Q&A on Abstinence/Teaching Teens about Birth Control

QUESTION: I’ve heard that teen pregnancy rates have increased. Is it time to teach our kids about birth control?

ANSWER: The teen birth rate has been on a steep decline since the early 1990s. Yet, teaching about birth control is not the solution. Abstinence is still the only sure way to avoid pregnancy, STDs, and the emotional pain of pre-marital intimacy. Even more importantly, abstinence education is consistent with clear Biblical principles.

Christian parents should not teach or promote “safe sinning” among our youth, even if worldly philosophies claim it is the prudent option. Rather, we need to convey a clear message that is consistent with God’s Word and continually encourage our youth to pursue God-pleasing relationships in their dating years.


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