Q&A on the Modern Eugenics Movement

QUESTION: I’ve heard about the eugenics movement, but I thought that essentially ended with the atrocities of the Nazi regime. Does the eugenics movement still exist today?

ANSWER: The eugenics movement is more comprehensive than most people realize. A review of the history of eugenics shows that the past eugenicists were void of compassion for individuals with a low value or quality of life. The pervading thought was that society would improve with the elimination of poor and disabled children. During the late 1800s and most of the 1900s, this was accomplished through selective breeding.

As morally bankrupt as this sounds, today’s eugenics movement is equally revolting – though more subtle. With technological advancements, doctors can screen for genetic disorders, perform prenatal testing, and use birth control and IVF to limit or control the births of children who are likely to have a less-than-desired quality of life. These modern techniques are equally defiant of God’s Word that tells us that children are a blessing from God (Genesis 33:5; Psalm 127:3) and that we should defend those who are weak (Matthew 25:35,36; Acts 20:35).

So, sad to say, the eugenics philosophy is still alive and thriving today even though the forms and methods have been refined.


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