Suicide and Matters of the Heart

Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director, Christian Life Resources

More and more people are using compassion for others as the basis for their own sinning. The poor will squander meager possessions on lottery tickets arguing that, if they win, the earnings will be shared with their church. The young mother will justify killing her unborn offspring because the father has left them and, for the sake of her other living children, this sacrifice must be made. The elderly will justify early termination of their lives for the sake of others who could either benefit from their deaths or relieve them of additional stress and burden.

This sounds like good reasoning and heartfelt compassion. It also reflects ignorance about God’s Word. For those of us who have been entrusted with the gem of God’s Word, compromising, reducing, and editing it are not options.

The full counsel of God must be proclaimed — like it or not. The youngster may still yawn at the story of David caring for disabled Mephibosheth, but we cannot neglect such stories for more trendy topics. Our constituents must still hear stories of moral absolutes, divine sacrificial love, and the request to reflect God’s standards and love.

Ours is still the work of a messenger, bringing Biblical truths to a society preoccupied with emotion, freedoms, and ultimately, lovelessness. To a world that measures life by its contributing value, we need to speak the message of worthless life redeemed with innocent blood. Our mission is still the same. Proclaim God’s Word on all issues!


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