What Actually is Pro-Life?

Cindi Sampe

Squeak, squeak is the sound the park swing makes as children — my children — “fly high to the sky.” As I listen to their squeals of delight and observe their exuberance, I can’t help but reflect on the millions of tiny voices and faces that will never know this simple childhood joy. For those little ones, life was brief; destroyed for the sake of convenience. We, as a nation, place our unborn in the same category as disposable diapers, non-return bottles and Bic lighters. We are a throw-away society, not only of our manufactured products but also of our preborn.

“Mommy, Mommy, come push me!” Philip shouts. It hardly seems possible that he has only been my son for two short weeks. I feel in my heart that I have loved him forever. We are thankful that his mother gave him the gift of life. It would have been so easy for her to add Philip to the ever growing abortion statistics. Pro-choice (abortion) supporters would have understood and sympathized because not only was he an illegitimate child, he was also “defective.” Philip was born with hydrocephalus, and at three months a shunt was surgically implanted. Several years ago his condition meant certain retardation and an early death. Now, however, Philip can live a healthy, normal life, growing both physically and spiritually. Last Sunday Philip received the blessings of holy baptism. He thinks he is really special because he now has two fathers that love him — an earthly father and his heavenly Father. We, his adoptive parents, think he is really special too.

As WELS Christians, we consider ourselves pro-life, but what actually is “pro-life”? And, how can we let our lights shine? Pro-life is not a hobby or a vocation. It is a way of life. To say one is a Christian but then feel abortion is an issue that each woman has a right to decide for herself is totally contradictory. A Christian should not only support the sacredness of the womb, but also the sanctity of life once that womb has given birth.

Individually, we have a Christian responsibility and commitment to uphold Scriptural teachings regardless of the personal sacrifice or ridicule we may encounter. It is so easy to just sit back and do nothing.

The Wisconsin Citizens Concerned for Life newsletter printed: “The enemies of life are not just the killers and their supporters, who are not very many in number, but also the millions who are tired of hearing about it or just do not care. Because of this great number who say nothing and do nothing, an American Holocaust is underway. As Edmund Burke has said, ‘All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.'”

There is so much we can do and so many ways we can do it. No, it may not be possible for all of us to adopt a child or be foster parents or counsel unwed mothers, but each of us can do something! First, we can offer our daily prayers to the Lord for those who are working towards ending the slaughter of the unborn. We can pray that the Lord will bless their tireless efforts in saving not only lives but souls. If we cannot counsel the expectant mother or adopt the child that needs a home or provide a home for a child in transition, maybe we could offer to give the mother who does these things time off while we babysit, or sew layettes for the pregnancy counseling centers, or pledge regular financial support to this mission, or drive a mother to her doctor’s appointment, etc. Everyone is needed! No service offered is too small or too insignificant not to be sincerely appreciated. Please don’t wait to be asked. Tell someone, “Send me.”

This is an election year. Please vote. As Christian voters — Christian’s “living pro-life” — we must responsibly exercise our voting privilege. Examine the position of your candidates on local, state and national levels. Find out if they reflect your pro-life position.

Our Lord expects us to speak out against evil and to condemn the sins of our nation. Idleness has no place in His army. Each of us can speak out with our vote and our ongoing support of the WELS pregnancy counseling centers. These centers are on the front lines of the abortion battle daily. They need our help.

When the Lord gives us the chance to witness our faith, we dare not close this door of opportunity because of the fears that exist within ourselves. It is far better to say something regardless of how eloquent, than to stand by silently while Satan continues to destroy more lives.

I feel that an organization is only as strong as its leadership. Our Wisconsin Synod is blessed to have a 100% pro-life clergy. We should pray that our pastors will continue to vigorously encourage their congregation’s support of our pregnancy counseling centers. This mission endeavor, like any other, cannot be successful if we don’t all work together.

“Thou shall not kill” is not social gospel. We know good works will not get us to heaven, only our faith in Jesus Christ can do that. But, we will be held accountable on that Day of Judgement for the fruits that we bear.

May each of us in his own way put on the armor of God and not be deceived by the apathetic reasoning that “no matter what we do it won’t make a difference.” The Israelites trembled at the presence of the Philistine army. Goliath, the Philistine champion, intimidated the Israelites with his great size. One small boy named David, with a slingshot, a stone and an unshakable faith in his Lord, was able to accomplish what the entire Israelite army could not do. He destroyed the enemy. Scripture teaches that one lone servant of the Lord did make a difference. We can too!


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