God Does Not Play Favorites

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In Acts 10:34 Peter learned that God does not play favorites. He did not send his Son to die just for the Jews, or the Pharisees, or even just for his followers. God sent his son to die for the world (John 3:16).

In our confirmation class days, we knew this was tough medicine to swallow. It was easy to see Jesus as the Savior of good and kind people. It was hard to see him as dying for the rotten and cruel people of the world. But God does not play favorites. And neither should we.

We feel a strong temptation to think of the unborn as “less than human.” Society would have us prefer the interests of the mother over this unborn child. But that child, whether viable and kicking in the mother’s womb, or still just a cluster of cells shortly after conception, is a life (see Psalm 51:5). As such we are not to favor the mother over the child but to treat each equally with concern and love.

The same is true after birth. Some people are born with exceptional abilities, some with average abilities, and some with disabilities. While life may bring with it various degrees of quality in God’s eyes they are equal, and so should they be in our eyes.

Undoubtedly the disabled have brought much pleasure into many lives. Countless parents have expressed tremendous love and have proclaimed deep personal growth by raising a disabled child. But even if that were not the case; even if caring for the disabled was a miserable hardship; it would not change the objective fact that God treats all life as equal in providing the gift of the Savior.

Society may continue to beat on us to play favorites. Remember, however, the Easter story of God’s unselfish sacrifice for ALL people.


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