I’m Your Child

The following was written by Justin, a ten-year-old born in 1986 in Korea, who was adopted by Roger and Lynne Tews of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, when he was seven-months-old.

To My Birth Mom and Dad,

I hope you remember me. I’m your child. The reason I’m writing is because I want you to know about my life, and I want to know what’s happening with you. First I’ll ask how you are doing. I’m doing great. I really miss you. I always wonder what you look like and what you are like. I can’t hide my feelings that I miss you. But I don’t think you could have given me a better life. I now have the best parents. I always say, “Boy, am I ever lucky.” I have two moms and two dads.

The main reason I am writing is because I want to tell you about the true God. At my school we are taught and believe idols can’t do anything for you. Like when Elijah told all the idol worshipers that your god can’t talk to you or answer prayers. And he proved it and said, “Make an altar and ask your god to start a fire.” It didn’t work. Then Elijah asked his God to start a fire without him even touching it and even poured water on it. And it burned. Even though you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it never happened.

I care for you, and I want you to stop worshiping idols. Learn about Jesus, that he died for you, rose from the dead, and took away your sins and everyone else’s sins and also that God created everything. Then I hope you will get baptized. Thank him and praise him. Go to church and listen. I hope you get away from all the spirits because they are rubbish. I want you to go to heaven where everything is perfect and not to hell where it’s tough. Stop worshiping idols. Don’t worship anything but God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I pray you will come to know and believe in the true God like I do.

Sincerely from your birth son,
Justin Tews (Hwang Kyung-Hoon)


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