Now Share the News // Pro-Life Hymn

(Tune: Behold a Host, Arrayed in White)

Now share the news that we have heard.
Salvation comes through Christ our Lord.
In sin we come To hear what’s done
That brings us all to LIFE.
’Tis Christ who lived so perfectly
And paid the price that sets us free.
For in the flood of Holy blood
My Savior died for me.
Now all should know this glorious peace
Their songs of praise should heav’nward reach.
Please use my tongue To share the One
Who brings us Hope to keep.

In love for those who need us most,
The hurt and threatened, coast to coast.
To speak for them Our help we lend.
To show the love of God
We act to thank our God and King
Who has done for us such great things.
My life a light, Service so bright.
My lips his praises sing.
Help me O Lord to live your love
That others might learn of you above.
My life to tell, My love so well,
I hold for you and them.

Use my voice for those who can’t speak.
Use my hands to hold those who reach.
May I best see What needs call me.
Move my heart to love more.
When on that last and glor’ous Day
Of my accounting you may say,
“You cared for me By loving these.
Come now and take your rest.”
Then we shall cease to toil and moan.
Our journey ends, no more we roam.
For in that place We see your face
For now we are at home.

– Lyrics by Rev. Robert Fleischmann


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