Q&A on Miscarriage and the Childless Couple

QUESTION: Friends of ours have been married for a number of years and continue having miscarriages. Why doesn’t God bless them with children? I’m sure they would be excellent parents, and they are strong and faithful Christians.

ANSWER: Let’s handle the second part of this question first. The consequences of sin affect all of us regardless of our faith or character. God certainly knows the strengths and abilities of this couple and is working with them out of love. That should never be questioned. Although you cannot understand why they are still childless, trust that there is a reason and that God has not stopped loving them because of it.

For the first part of the question, have your friends talked with a doctor about the reasons for the miscarriages? Sometimes there are relatively simple procedures that can be followed which will remedy the situation. Also, remember that blessings are not granted to all people. We do not deserve blessings, but God gives them to us out of love and mercy. Our role, as Christians, is to serve and obey our heavenly Father regardless of the blessings that we do or do not receive.

As your friends suffer with this situation, be supportive and encouraging to them as they seek comfort or solutions.


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