Q&A on Post-Abortion Syndrome

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QUESTION: Does CLR counsel women who are in despair because they’ve had abortions in the past, or do you just work with women who are considering an abortion?

ANSWER: Your question deals with a special issue called Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) and is becoming more common among people who have experienced an abortion in their past. We also recognize that PAS is not limited to women but also includes many men who have seen their wives or girlfriends abort their baby. When we consider the millions of aborted babies, it is no wonder that many people struggle with PAS.

For this kind of counseling, however, we usually direct people to one of our local pregnancy care centers. Many of the local centers have specially-trained people who work with post-abortion syndrome. You can access a listing of our pregnancy care centers on this website and also locate those centers offering PAS counseling.

Post-abortion syndrome is a serious issue and needs to be addressed. The best way to deal with PAS is through a study of God’s Word. We developed a special Bible study titled, “Free to Flourish,” that helps a person work through their pain and find true healing through Jesus Christ. “Free to Flourish” is available as a free download or through our online CLR Store.


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