Q&A on Abortion on Demand and Child Abuse

QUESTION: What do you say to the person who says that abortion on demand reduces child abuse?

ANSWER: In response to pro-choice advocates, we can with Biblical conviction say to those who feel abortion on demand reduces child abuse: How very wrong they are, for abortion is the deadliest form of child abuse! It is inexcusable violence against innocent, helpless infants and is the Big American Holocaust right here – even here in our midst.

Moreover, statistics demonstrate that abortion has not reduced child abuse among children after birth.

Since the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, child abuse rose dramatically in the United States. A case can be made that easy abortions promote a mind-set throughout the country which fosters child abuse. Mass abortions cheapen the dignity of human life. They encourage people to take the easy way out. If it’s OK to murder the unborn child, what’s so bad about a little physical or verbal abuse if it helps the parent relieve his tensions or seems to control the child more effectively?

What is needed is more Bible reading, spiritual counseling and the support of caring Christians – not more abortions.


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