Ways to Handle Peer Pressure

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  • Walk away from a bad/dangerous situation
  • Make the decision for yourself as to what you do
  • Think ahead about the outcome of your actions — can you live with the consequences?
  • Avoid those people who might lead you to do things you don’t want to do
  • Hang with friends who have the same values
  • Find friends who have a good reputation
  • Identify those negative behaviors that peer pressure might lead you to try:
    • Drugs
    • Smoking
    • Drinking
    • Sex
    • Stealing
  • Talk to your parents about limits (especially if they haven’t initiated it)
  • Determine whom you are willing to hurt or lose (peer pressure always puts you in the middle)
  • Use others to help fight peer pressure, but don’t completely rely on others
  • Spend time with many different people/groups; not just one group of friends
  • Set your lifetime goals and stay focused
  • Realize that everything you do in life impacts the future
  • When dating, spend time in groups rather than as a couple
  • Choose a best friend with the same Christian values and beliefs as you
  • Don’t compare yourself to others — you never win!
  • Remember that Christ died for you and that you are special
  • Being “cool” is being yourself!
  • Recall fads and peer pressure from years past to realize how foolish they can sometimes be
  • Identify that peer pressure seems to be a friend at first, but turns into a bitter enemy
  • Use humor to say “no”
  • Be honest and say that although your friendship with someone is important, you don’t feel comfortable
  • Blame your parents! “My mom/dad wouldn’t be happy if I did that!”
  • Say “I promised I’d never do that, and I want to be true to my word.”
  • Say “Sorry, I’ve got to go now” and leave immediately
  • Simply and firmly say “No”
  • Realize that others will pressure you to act, but you alone live with the consequences
  • If possible, have a cell phone with you to call a loved one in cases of emergency

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