A Trimester of Prayer // Pro-Life Prayer Suggestions

Home portrait of pregnant woman

You can make a meaningful difference by including these thoughts in your daily devotion and prayer time.

Week 1 – This week, pray for the unborn and their mothers. With the dawning of this day, thousands of women in America just became aware of the presence of a new life within them. About 18% of those mothers will end that precious life as a matter of convenience. Pray that God would move some courageous believer to influence those mothers to give their children life.

Week 2 – By God’s grace, every day this week many heroic people serve as volunteers at Christian Life Resources’ pregnancy care centers. These people sacrifice personal comfort – giving up their free time and putting their faith on the line in order that lives might be saved. Pray that God would fortify these brave women and men who serve at Christian Life Resources pregnancy care centers.

Week 3 – Even before Solomon urged that a child be torn in two to resolve a dispute over which of two women was the baby’s rightful mother, judges and lawmakers have held great power over the lives and well-being of children. The legislative and judicial battle over rights (the mother’s versus the baby’s) has never become more passionate nor as intense. Pray this week that the law of the land would be transformed to reflect God’s view that each life is unique and valuable and deserves to be protected.

Week 4 – Do abortion clinic physicians wrestle with the morality of their work? They must. How many times can they execute the “harmless procedure” of “pregnancy termination” before coming to grips with the fact that they are enriching themselves by killing children? Pray this week that the Holy Spirit would burden the consciences of these doctors so that they would turn their backs on abortion and be led to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ for forgiveness.

Week 5 – Pray this week that the young unmarried people in your congregation and city would find a new devotion to purity. Pray that they would act responsibly now so they will not be tempted to act irresponsibly later if pregnancy occurs. Pray that parents, concerned teachers, and friends would encourage young people toward abstinence. Pray God would help people see the potential heartbreak they face by giving themselves to anyone but their marriage partner.

Week 6 – Ask God to move the hearts of more devoted followers to volunteer their time, energy, encouragement, and financial resources to strengthen the life-affirming work of Christian Life Resources.

Week 7 – One adopted child stated, “I always knew I was really loved and wanted because I was chosen.” What a powerful statement! As the chosen children of God who believe not only in life for unborn children but also in adoption, pray that God would touch more hearts among us to consider adoption. Pray especially that more loving, caring Christian homes are found for children who are hard to place.

Week 8 – Jesus calls us to walk as he walked. He calls us to talk as he talked. Pray this week that you find the courage to speak the truth in love about abortion and that you share your concern for the unborn with others. And pray that you boldly present both the law and the gospel in your conversation with others.

Week 9 – Pray this week for the families you know – and those in your community you may not know – as they face long-term caregiving situations with their terminally-ill loved ones. Pray that God would strengthen and empower them during this difficult time. Pray too that temptations toward quick, easy answers would be met with the conviction that life is precious in God’s eyes even when a loved one’s “quality of life” seems to have diminished.

Week 10 – Pray that God works in the hearts of those Christians who have, until now, been content to stand on the sidelines regarding abortion. Pray that they would see abortion for what it is: a terrible, murderous and sinful miscarriage of God’s design for life, a wrong that needs to be made right.

Week 11 – Please pray that God continues to bless the efforts of the national office of Christian Life Resources as it seeks to strengthen and undergird its chapters, pregnancy care centers, and branches. Pray that God would give wisdom, insight, and perseverance to the National Board members and the staff as they go about their work.

Week 12 – Give thanks to our gracious God for moving the hearts of so many women during this trimester. Thank him for helping those mothers make the right decision to do whatever it takes to give their unborn babies life.


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