Q&A on Potential Success of Research Involving Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells

QUESTION: I know there have been recent successes with adult stem cell research but why do you say we should eliminate all embryonic stem cell research just because it hasn’t been as effective? I’m reading articles that say embryonic stem cells hold more potential than adult stem cells so it seems logical to pursue both types of research.

ANSWER: CLR does not consider the lack of success as the reason to reject embryonic stem cell research. In fact, we don’t categorically reject all embryonic stem cell research. In our efforts to follow the guidelines in God’s Word we work to defend the lives of all people regardless of age, perceived quality, or status. Therefore we reject any procedure that intentionally destroys human life. Since the current process of harvesting embryonic stem cells involves the killing of embryos we must condemn the process.

Research groups continue to pursue methods of harvesting embryonic stem cells without destroying human lives. If effective harvesting methods are established that don’t involve the intentional killing of young lives, it is possible that CLR would endorse such research.


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