Listening to Voices Unheard – How To Be A Part of the Pro-Life Solution

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Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director, Christian Life Resources

It is easy to identify errors and wait for other people to do something. By God‘s blessing, however, we can be part of the solution.


Prayer acknowledges Him from whom all blessings flow. The familiar petition, “Thy will be done” compels us to embark on any venture with a prayer that our heart and actions are consistent with God‘s will. The challenge of changing hearts from wanting to kill children to wanting to cherish them is daunting. With God, however, all things are possible.


When someone wishes to kill an unborn child the problem rests within their heart. A changed heart comes miraculously by the work of the Holy Spirit. Your goal is to connect people with God. To do that you need to touch them with God‘s Word.

You may counsel in a formal setting as a pregnancy care center. There you will receive training and assistance to help connect visitors to the center with God.

Most counseling occurs between you and a friend, neighbor, or relative. In those circumstances, God has given you the opportunity to talk about the Author of Life and how all life is redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Look for the opportunities God provides you to speak directly with someone who is making a life or death decision for an unborn child. Prepare yourself to talk about God‘s dominion over all life with a study of God‘s Word and a study of information related to pregnancy and abortion.

Letters to the Editor

Many who write a letter to the editor shouldn‘t because they don‘t seem to know right from wrong. They espouse ideas not supported by God‘s Word. They misrepresent facts and malign those who disagree with them.

That is the time you need to write your own letter to the editor. Your goal is to clear up confusion and to reiterate an unchangeable foundation for your convictions, namely the Word of God.

Writing a letter to the editor rarely changes minds. It is, however, a wonderful place to clear up misleading rhetoric made by others. Consider making your voice heard on the editorial page.

Contact Your Legislator

Those elected to the public office got there because of you. When you vote, you select someone to represent your interests in the community, county, state, or federal government. They are, in essence, an extension of you in these forums. It is important that you vote and that you make your views known to them on key issues. Make sure they remember they are representing you and that they clearly understand your convictions.

Financially Support Pro-Life Work

When it comes to fixing the leaky faucet in the sacristy at church most of us are not plumbers and don‘t have the foggiest idea how to do it. Yet, we recognize that the faucet at our church is our responsibility. Therefore, we might hire someone to fix the faucet on our behalf. Most often, we pool our money with others to get the job done.

The important thing is that you recognized lack of skill did not deprive you of being able to do something. In the same way, you may not feel you can counsel, take care of single mothers, or write letters to protect the unborn. More accurately, you may have the genuine desire to do more than your time and abilities allow you to do. In that case, you can financially support the work of others who can do it.

Of course, we think the work of Christian Life Resources is one of the best ways to provide a Christian witness.

We would also encourage you to support the political and legislative work done by your local right-to-life affiliate. On the one side, supporting Christian Life Resources seeks to touch hearts. On the other side, the right-to-life affiliate seeks to affect change through politics and legislation.

There are always things to do. There is a way for you to speak up for the unheard voices who need your help.


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