Q&A on Pro-Life Activism

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QUESTION: For years I’ve been rather quietly pro-life, but now I am more concerned about the abuse of human life. What can I do to help make a difference?

ANSWER: You are not alone in your feelings. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Volunteer at a local pregnancy care center. You can help in a variety of ways that match your particular interests and talents.
  • Participate in the “Change for Life” program to benefit the home-for-mothers ministry of New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers.
  • Volunteer at a nursing home or hospice. Many residents are alone and need personal encouragement.
  • Share your beliefs in daily conversations. Be confident in discussing your Christian values when talking about life issues.
  • Help a single mom or a caregiver. Your support of those who demonstrate a caring attitude gives a strong message about the value of human life.
  • Write letters. Your local newspaper as well as your state and federal legislators appreciate hearing from the community.
  • Promote a Celebration of Life Sunday at your church. This gives the opportunity to address life issues in the light of God’s Word.

For many more ideas, visit our “Get Involved” page and check out our “Just Do Something” PDF by clicking here.


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