A Prayer for Mother’s Day

Walk beautiful young family in white clothes with a young son blond in mountainous areas with tall grass at sunset. Parents from both sides embracing son, hugging. family - this is happiness

Pr. Jonathan Schultz

Heavenly Father, we praise and glorify you as the Creator of all life. We praise you for the wonderful way you bring children into this world, fearfully and wonderfully made. Bless all mothers with the maternal love to nurture and care for their children so that they may grow into teens and adults that can serve in your world for the good of society. Especially bless Christian mothers with the keen awareness that their children are a gift from you. Enable them to model your love and guidance. Give them strength and energy to enjoy the boundless enthusiasm of their children. Above all, grant them wisdom as they participate in training their children in your nurture and instruction.

We also recognize, gracious Lord, that some hearts ache when they think of the loss of their children who have died because of calamity or disease, including those hearts that mourn the passing of a child before he or she was born into this world. How these mothers long to bring your care and love to these children you had created. You promise to hear and answer all our prayers; therefore, we pray you will give them your comfort and strength, knowing you do all things well; you are a God who can turn sorrow into joy and sadness into comfort; and you graciously rule over all things for the good of your Church, your people on whom you shower your mercy. Give them the assurance that you love and care for them; that you are their hope and strength; and that you will continue to bless them with your grace as they serve you in their lives.

You gave your own Son into death to pay for all our sin. He rose from the dead to assure us your plans for our eternal life are complete and nothing can hinder your blessings from flowing into our hearts and lives now and forever. We joy that you have made us members of your eternal family by giving us the rebirth to a living faith in your Son Jesus. Because of Him, your true love is ours now and forever!

Grant us your Holy Spirit through the promises of your Son that we continue to live by faith.

All this we pray in His name!



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