Train a Child: The Role of Christian Parents

In a world where the spiritual and secular often collide, Christian parents are tasked with a profound responsibility: to nurture faith in their children. This weighty endeavor extends beyond Sunday school lessons and bedtime prayers; it’s a daily commitment to live out the Gospel in a way that’s tangible for the next generation. Pastors Bob Fleischmann and Jeff Samelson offer invaluable insights into this journey on our latest podcast episode, emphasizing the role of parents in guiding their children through faith’s path.

The conversation begins with an examination of the biblical proverb from Proverbs 22:6, which has long been a source of both comfort and consternation for Christian parents. This scripture is often seen as a promise that if we raise our children in the faith, they will not stray from it in adulthood. However, our guests suggest that this proverb provides guidance rather than a guarantee. They discuss the complexities of parenting, recognizing that we live in a flawed world and that despite our best efforts, children have their own will and paths to forge.

Our discussion takes a turn towards the home environment, a critical setting for spiritual growth. Parents’ passions, be they sports or spirituality, have a significant influence on their children. Yet, as our speakers note, children may either embrace or reject these influences. Creating a home filled with love, forgiveness, and open conversation about God ensures that children understand they have a place to return to, no matter where life takes them. Incorporating ‘God talk’ into everyday life and reading to our children are simple yet profound practices that can set a strong moral foundation.

Looking to the future, our speakers underscore the importance of not only raising children to be Christians but also equipping them to pass on their faith to subsequent generations. The sacrament of baptism is highlighted as more than a symbolic act; it is where God claims the child, bestowing upon them a heavenly identity and destiny. The role of the Holy Spirit is not to be underestimated, as it works within the child, complementing the parents’ efforts.

To wrap up, our hosts offer a word of encouragement to parents who fear it may be too late to start shaping their child’s faith journey. They assure listeners that it’s never too late to begin and stress the importance of parents recognizing their role in using various tools, such as Christian education and worship, to guide their children. By living out their faith genuinely, parents not only train their children in the way they should go but also model a pathway toward eternal life.

The podcast episode serves as a powerful reminder that the spiritual development of our children is a complex, multifaceted process. It is a blend of modeling, teaching, and entrusting that ultimately lies in the hands of a loving and sovereign God. For every parent grappling with the challenges of raising children in the faith, this episode offers a blend of practical advice, biblical wisdom, and heartfelt encouragement.

In Christ, for every life challenge.


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