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Volunteering your time and talents enriches not only the lives of other people but your own as well! Take a look below to see what needs match your talents for the ministry of Christian Life Resources.


Stuffing Envelopes, Mailers
Sometimes we need envelopes stuffed for a large mailing. Sometimes we work ahead in assembling packets of informational material. As an international agency there is always something that needs to be put together.

Baby Items for New Beginnings
Maybe you can donate funds or items from our “Wish List” of needs for the residents and children at New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers. Check the latest needs by clicking here.

Consider for a moment the full scope of ministry at Christian Life Resources. At the national office we have need for office equipment, visual and audio presenting equipment, etc. At the home for mothers we literally have a living setting for 3 apartments, including providing transportation. Maybe you have connections to charitable-minded people in industries that could help us. Would you be able to put us in touch with those who might be willing to gift or sell us new items that can be used in our ministries?

Christian Life Resources uses life and family issues as bridges that allow us the opportunity to show Christian love and to share the message of love in Christ that lasts forever. We do this in many ways but there are always new ideas. Do you have some new ideas? Think of cost-effective and unique ways for us to use life and family issues to talk to people about their Savior and to help them in their lives. Share those ideas with us.

Sharing Stories
Do you have a spiritually based story to share about lessons you learned within the context of life and family issues? We are always looking to compile such stories and we share them with others who need hope, inspiration, or maybe just a little chuckle in life.

Good Reading from Clearly Caring Magazine
Maybe your day takes you in the reception area of an office, medical clinic, or library. Perhaps your church is trying to bolster a fledgling lending library for its membership. Look around and see if there are places where Christian Life Resources can provide copies of our periodical, Clearly Caring, and let us know.

Professional Writing
Are you a medical professional? Perhaps you are a child psychologist or attorney. Maybe you are a school teacher or journalist. If you feel you can write on a topic that would be beneficial for the staff of Christian Life Resources or something valuable for the pages of Clearly Caring or the Christian Life Resources website, just drop us a line. Let us know the topic and provide a brief summary. We will let you know if we can use it.

Lesson Plans
Are you an educator? Do you teach children and have you done so on crucial life and family issues? Christian Life Resources is always looking to expand its stable of materials that can help others teach on life and family issues. Share with us what you have done and work on new projects and approaches to educating on life and family issues.

Baby Shower
One way a new mother welcomes her child into the world is when her friends hold a baby shower. Have you considered doing such a thing for a mother who can’t be there? Our home for mothers provides needs for four mothers at a time. Every year the home has almost a complete turnover. Maybe you can sponsor a baby shower to help one or more of these mothers. You can do this project in your home for a mother and child in need!

Our pregnancy care centers also need diapers for distribution to moms in their community. All sizes are needed — especially sizes 4/5

Contact Your Legislator

DO consider sending personal letters rather than e-mail alerts. Though e-mail is convenient, letters hold more weight to your legislator.

DO start with a respectful tone! Whether you are speaking personally to your congressional representative or senator or contacting them by mail or fax, a measured, respectful approach will always effect the best results.

DO start with a compliment whenever possible! Before you dig in and get down to brass tacks, try starting with a compliment. For example, tell your representative or senator how you appreciated their quick response to your recent letter. Or, you appreciate in general the work they are doing for your district/state.

DO mention legislation by name but avoid the numbers! All senate and house legislation, pending or passed, has a number attached to it. When you are writing or calling about a specific issue, try incorporating the name of the legislation that affects it in either the House or Senate. However, try to avoid citing bill numbers. Many representatives simply don’t memorize these and prefer to speak or read names rather than the numbers.

DO remember that mail to Capitol Hill is delayed for some time while screening for anthrax and biotoxins takes place. It is preferable to mail a letter (or a copy) to the district office. Numerous letters (or calls) to a district office on a specific subject causes the office to alert the Washington office of a “deluge” of mail or phone calls.

DO keep your correspondence or calls short and to the point! Your representative’s time is as valuable as yours. Keep your communications as brief and concise as possible.

DO remember to contact your representative whenever an important vote is scheduled! A friendly reminder with every bill that you are concerned about goes a long way toward keeping your interests in front of your legislator.

DON’T copy your correspondence from one desk to another. Keep your communication as personal as possible. Don’t simply copy the letter to your representatives or your senators. Rather, try crafting a few changes to it and personalizing it with their names and personal greetings.

DON’T contact anyone outside of your district or state. Your congressman might be offended if you start copying correspondence to representatives or senators outside of your district/state.

DON’T expect a response right away. The congressional process moves slowly. Don’t expect quick responses to your mail. You will probably receive stock responses on many issues based on the subject of your letter. If that is the case, follow up your letter with a phone call if you wish to further explain your view or elicit a more specific response.

DON’T forget to say “Thanks!” When your congressman responds positively to your correspondence and you are able to actually measure that response in a speech or vote, don’t forget to send a thank-you.

DON’T be anything other than “ordinary.” Even if you belong to a pro-life organization, it is more important that you remain “just an ordinary citizen.” It is quite likely that your legislator will be hearing from the organization separately anyway. Legislators are looking for personal, grass-roots opinions.



November 2, 2018


Thank you for receiving my letter. My name is [ YOUR NAME ] and I live in district [ YOUR DISTRICT ]. I have a concern about upcoming legislation that you are voting on soon, and I wish to express my thoughts about it. The legislation is the [ BILL ] bill which will affect how [ TOPIC ] will be funded. Here are my concerns:


I have appreciated your willingness to respond to my concerns in the past and would appreciate your continued responsiveness on the above issue(s). I particularly appreciate your recent vote on the [ BILL ] bill. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My address is:

Name: [ YOUR NAME ]
Address: [ YOUR ADDRESS ]
Phone Number: [ YOUR PHONE NUMBER ]



Hello, my name is [ YOUR NAME ] from District [ YOUR DISTRICT ]. I am one of your constituents. Thanks for receiving my phone call. I have a concern about upcoming legislation that you will be voting on soon, and I wish to express my thoughts about it. The legislation is the [ BILL ] bill which will affect how [ TOPIC ] will be funded. May I express my concerns? They are:

[ CONGRESSMAN / SENATOR ] [ NAME ], I have appreciated your willingness to respond to my concerns in the past and would appreciate your continued responsiveness on the above issue(s). I particularly appreciate your recent vote on the [ BILL ] bill. Thanks again for taking my call.

I look forward to following progress on this bill in the press and through the media.

Thanks again!
Good Bye!

Write the Editor

DO start with a definition! First define the issue that you are concerned about in a brief paragraph statement.

DO include an explanation! Follow your definition with an explanation of why you support or do not support an issue. Include example to illustrate your case.

DO use bullet points wherever possible! When you have more than one illustration to make, be sure to bullet these and keep the bullets concise, brief and to the point.

DO your research! Research the issue as thoroughly as possible. Cite other studies or opinions when possible.

DO try to respond to an article or reference something printed previously in the newspaper! This is more likely to get your letter published.

DON’T plagiarize! When you quote someone or use an illustration, give the author of the statement or illustration credit in the body of your letter.

DON’T simply duplicate your letter to several newspapers. Personalize your correspondence as much as possible.

DON’T expect a response right away. Call ahead and find out deadlines for publication in an effort to know when your letter might be published. However, not all letters are published and even those that are might not make the next edition. There is no harm in writing another letter on the same point should this happen.

DON’T forget to end your letter with an application. Show how the issue affected you personally and give examples.

DON’T forget to send a copy of your letter to your legislator. Even if your letter doesn’t get published, they will be glad to know that you cared enough to write.

See the editorial page of your local newspaper to get an address to which you should send your letter. Remember to include the name of the editor you wish to reach if you know it. Additionally, carefully research how your letter should be written and addressed before you write it. Many papers have strict rules on the number of words they will accept, how the letter is delivered, and to whom it must be addressed.



November 2, 2018

Dear [ EDITOR ],

Thank you for receiving my letter. My name is [ YOUR NAME ] and I live in district [ YOUR DISTRICT ]. I have a concern about some upcoming legislation that you will be voting upon soon, I wish to express my thoughts about it. The legislation is the [ BILL ] bill which will affect how [ TOPIC ] will be funded. Here are my concerns:


I have appreciated your willingness to respond to my concerns in the past and would appreciate your continued responsiveness on the above issue(s). I particularly appreciate your recent vote on the [ BILL ] bill. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My address is:

Name: [ YOUR NAME ]
Address: [ YOUR ADDRESS ]
Phone Number: [ YOUR PHONE NUMBER ]



With Support

The ministry of Christian Life Resources relies on donors to support its work – and especially those who provide financial resources on a regular giving basis. This ongoing support provides CLR with monetary stabilization so we can concentrate on our life-affirming ministry work.

Would you like to become a part of this worthwhile effort? Here‘s how!

Donate online here!

You can simply contact the CLR office at 1-800-729-9535 or email us to say you would like to sign up as an ongoing giving donor. Your name will be flagged on our database so you no longer receive our regular fund appeal mailings. However, you will be sent an end-of-year gift report at the appropriate time.

You may also choose to give through electronic funds transfer directly from your bank or you can charge your donation to a credit card. If you choose either of these options, you will need to fill out an authorization form which you can print now.

Here are some other ways to regularly support the work of CLR and New Beginnings:


  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) On a monthly basis you can authorize CLR or New Beginnings to electronically transfer a gift from your checking or savings account. Click here to download the required form.
  • Charge Card Authorization Similar to EFT, you can authorize CLR or New Beginnings to charge your gift on a monthly basis to your charge card. Click here to download the required form.
  • Electronic Check If you are able to do electronic banking, chances are your financial institution allows you to send a check on an ongoing basis. Utilizing this method, you can schedule your support for CLR or New Beginnings. Consult your financial institution for details.
  • Monthly Giving Consider a practical and traditional method of support. CLR can provide you with envelopes that are also conveniently imprinted with each month of the year. They are postage-paid too! Email us and we will be happy to send you these monthly envelopes.
  • Lending Hand Program To address fluctuations in donations, Christian Life Resources asks committed donors to consider providing CLR with renewable 12-month short-term loans that can earn between 0%-3% in interest. Email us and request information on this “Lending Hand” program.
  • Estate Planning If you would like information on how to establish an estate plan and ways to remember the ministries of Christian Life Resources or New Beginnings in your plan, we can help! Download our estate planning help guide here.

“Thrivent Choice®” is a charitable grant program that allows members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable outreach grant funds each year. Christian Life Resources and New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers are both approved recipients of the “Thrivent Choice®” matching gifts.

Are you a Thrivent member? Here’s how to designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars®:
Log into your account at (on the opening page, look for “Thrivent Choice” under the “Making a Difference” heading). Or, call 1-800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and say “Thrivent Choice” at the prompt. NOTE: You can designate eligible Thrivent Choice Dollars® each quarter to Christian Life Resources or New Beginnings.

Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to the charities you care about, typically with donations taken directly out of your paycheck. If your employer participates in matching or giving program, please consider designating Christian Life Resources to help us speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Click here for a listing of employers with giving programs.

How it Works:
Typical workplace giving campaigns occur in the Fall but many employers are moving to year-round employee engagement programs. When your employer holds its workplace giving campaign, you will be given the opportunity to give to many charities.

Based on those giving options, designate a set amount of money you would like to donate to Christian Life Resources. Submit your pledge, you’re done!

Your donation will be deducted automatically from your paycheck (or whatever payment method you selected), and that money will be distributed to Christian Life Resources.

As your company will hold its annual workplace giving campaign in subsequent years, you can renew last year’s pledges.

Benefits of Workplace Giving:

  • Convenience & Tax Benefits: You get the convenience of automatic payroll deductions without losing the tax benefits of charitable giving.
  • Financially More Manageable: By having a smaller amount of money deducted from your paycheck throughout the year, you can donate a larger amount of money and have a greater impact overall. For example, if you get paid biweekly (26 times throughout the year) and you pledge $38.50 of each paycheck to a charity, by the end of the year you will have donated $1,000 to that charity!
  • Matching Gifts: Some employers will offer to match your contributions up to a specified amount. This leverages your employer’s philanthropic support and maximizes your gift to the causes you care about.
  • Cost-efficient and Sustainable Fundraising: Workplace giving is more cost-effective and efficient for charities to raise funds than other fundraising methods. The cost of participating in a workplace giving campaign is far below the cost that would be incurred if participating charities had to launch any type of campaign to try to raise an equal amount of money. Your donation enables charities to spend more time and resources on services and programs rather than elaborate fundraising.
  • Unrestricted Money: Your donation provides charities with sustainable, year-round source funds. And because this money is ‘unrestricted’, your donation provides charities with funds that enable them to decide how to best use that money and invest in their ability to deliver vital programs and services.

United Way
The United Way serves your community by organizing an annual campaign in the workplace for thousands of companies nationwide. “Donor Choice” is a component that allows you, the employee of the company participating in the United Way campaign, to contribute to any qualified charitable agency with a 501(c)(3) non-profit classification, such as Christian Life Resources.

To get started, determine whether or not your employer participates in the United Way campaign. Ask for a Donor Choice form and be sure to designate Christian Life Resources (EIN: 39-1601307) as your charitable agency of choice. Or you can contact your local United Way campaign planners to ask if Christian Life Resources is eligible to receive a workplace designation.

America’s Charities
America’s Charities provides a range of programs and services to help charities navigate and thrive in an environment of growing expectations. Donations via credit card, vacation time, and other methods might also be available depending on your employer’s program.

If your employer doesn’t currently offer a workplace giving program, start one! Let your human resources department know you’re interested in giving at work and ask them to contact America’s Charities. Or, you can complete America’s Charities’ contact form, select “workplace giving & employee engagement solutions”, in the message section let them know of your specific interest, and provide the contact information of the appropriate person within your organization. They will follow up and reference your name and interest in workplace giving. If your company already has a workplace giving campaign but would like to include America’s Charities member charities in your campaign, contact America’s Charities and they will explore how they can help.

Click here to learn more.

Please consider a gift to help us share the message of grace.

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