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Sign up to receive the CLR monthly newsletter, Life Light, or the weekly email blast, LifeWire, to stay current on the issues.


Get to know the issues by exploring our website – a good place to start is Pro-Life 101.

Social Media

Follow CLR on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Fill Out a Christian Medical Directive

Download and fill out your own version of the Christian Medical Directive Statement available for free from CLR.

National Convention

Encourage others to attend the annual CLR National Convention and coordinate carpooling and lodging to make it possible.

Growing Branches

Learn what is happening at our daughter ministry, New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers, by receiving their quarterly newsletter, Growing Branches.

Clearly Caring

Subscribe (free) to Clearly Caring, the educational publication of CLR to dive deeper into the issues.

Contact for Help

Email or call the national office of CLR with your life- or family-related question.


Participate in annual fundraising activities at CLR, such as the Golf Outing and Wine Tasting events.

Share News

Is something interesting going on in your community related to life and family issues? Send the story to CLR.


Be Engaged | Individually


Talk to God to thank him for blessings and to seek his guidance as you strive to do his will as they relate to life and family issues.

Witness Wear

Add Witness Wear to your wardrobe that positively and Biblically proclaims the pro-life and pro-family message.

The Homebound & Lonely

Bring a homebound person into your circle of influence, remembering them with visits, greeting cards, and perhaps errand running for them.

Visit the Aging & Dying

Volunteer your time at a local nursing home or hospice, providing comfort and sharing God’s Word with others.


Offer free babysitting for a young couple so they can attend a church function or have a “date night” to strengthen their marriage.

Politics & Legislation

You may wish to be more politically or legislatively proactive. Get involved with your local National Right to Life affiliate.

Write a Letter

Write a letter to the editor or in a blog that positively and Biblically defends life and family in a manner that seeks to build a bridge to share Jesus.

Medical Help

Health care professionals can offer blood pressure screening at the church or serve as a Parish Nurse in the congregation or for area congregations.

Caregiver Relief

Provide some relief time for a caregiver who is otherwise tied close to home caring for a disabled or aging loved one.

Be Engaged | In Your Congregation

Worship Event

A Life and Family Service focuses a congregation’s attention on the challenges and opportunities we have to serve God and others on life and family issues.

Bible Study

Consider a single Bible Study or a series of classes on life and family issues that people face with instruction in God’s will on those issues.

Remote Video Event

Coordinate a remote video session with CLR to provide expert instruction on life and family issues.


Keep members of the congregation informed about activities and opportunities at the local pregnancy care center.


Reprint articles from our e-newsletters, LifeWire and Life Light, in the church newsletter or as a bulletin insert to educate the congregation.

Bulletin Board

Educate members of the congregation by regularly posting articles and pictures to a bulletin board supporting God’s will on life and family issues.

Information Sharing

Share material from CLR through pamphlet racks and information kiosks in the church or community.

Enlist Others

Sponsor an annual event in which you encourage people to sign up to receive information from CLR and support its ministry.

Change for Life

Sponsor the “Change for Life” baby bottle project to support New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers through loose change donations.

Church Offering Envelopes

Add special CLR offering envelopes to the annual envelope box order for your congregation.

Encourage Support

Encourage a ladies’ or men’s group, the Sunday School, or Vacation Bible School to donate to the work of CLR.

Gift for Newly-Baptized Children

Offer to purchase a life-related gift (such as a Children’s Bible) to hand out to parents of newly-baptized children in your congregation.

Diaper Drive or Baby Shower

Conduct a diaper drive for a local pregnancy care center or New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers. First, consult an organization for the most needed sizes. A baby shower collection of formula and other baby necessities is another idea.

Gift Card Drive

Hold an annual gift card drive to help provide some of the items on the New Beginnings Wish List. Or check the Wish List needs and purchase products from Amazon or Target.

Door Offering

Promote an annual door offering at church for the support of CLR.

Greeting Cards

Create greeting cards for new mothers and as encouragement for the ailing and lonely. This could also be extended to encourage students and soldiers away from home.

Be Engaged | In Your Community

Blood Drive

Plan a community blood drive through your congregation to help the local blood bank and create more exposure in the community for the congregation.

Make Something

Knit or crochet winter wear for mothers and babies as practical assistance at a local pregnancy care center or at New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers.

Informational Display

Create an informational display about the ministry of CLR.


Gather a group together and sponsor a local billboard display to go up for a key month of the year. CLR can help with the design.

Movie Night

Host a pro-life or pro-family movie night at the church for the community. Assure you have the license to do so and make it a fun evening. Include popcorn too.

Poster Contest

Coordinate a life and family poster contest with students in the elementary school which can be posted around the church during a key month of the year.

Essay Contest

Coordinate a life and family essay contest with some of the older children in the school. Publish the best essays in the newsletter or post them around the church.

Guest Presenter

Bring in a guest preacher or presenter from CLR, New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers, or a CLR affiliate.

Pregnancy Care Center

Start a pregnancy care center in your community. It is an ambitious undertaking but if the need is there, work on finding the resources.

Home for Mothers

Begin a “Home for Mothers” ministry in your community.  It could be program- and visitation-based or even facility-based.

Partner with a Local Pregnancy Center

Consider helping a local CLR-affiliated pregnancy center with your time, talents, or monetary assistance. For example, offer your help to repair, clean, or organize things, or help with office work at the center.

Present a Message

Offer to do a positive pro-life or pro-family message. Study your topic and consult with the CLR office for advice and resources.

Be Engaged | Financially

Designate Free Money

If you own a Thrivent insurance or investment product you can designate “Choice Dollars” to support CLR.

Workplace Giving

If your employer participates in a matching gifts program or an annual giving campaign, consider designating CLR with your tax-deductible support. United Way, TRUist, and America’s Charities are some of the workplace giving options available.

Asset Gift

Consider an asset gift like a portion of land, stocks or bonds, a collectible, or a building. Be sure it is suitable to be resold. You enjoy a tax deduction while providing help.

Life Tribute Gift

Remember a loved one’s special event (birthday, baptism, etc.) or honor a loved one who has departed this life with a gift to CLR.

Estate Plan

Consider CLR when determining your estate and planned giving options (such as a charitable gift annuity, will, and bequests, beneficiary designation in an insurance policy, or an IRA gift).

Monthly Donor

Become a regular donor of CLR

Please consider a gift to help us share the message of grace.

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