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He’s Always There

Pastor Mark Cordes He’s Always There – or – Thou, God, Seest Me In the name of Christ our Life, my dear Christian friends: I once received a postcard which read, Dear Clergy, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day present a…

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God’s Life and Death Principle

Rev. Wayne D. Mueller May a Christian couple consider in vitro fertilization a God-pleasing way to relieve their childlessness? Is it ever ethical to pull the plug on respiratory equipment attached to a lifetime faithful spouse? To what lengths must…

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Motive // The Christian and Birth Control

This is an overview of the information in The Christian and Birth Control book, published by Christian Life Resources. To purchase the book click on the link at the bottom of this page. For years the national office of Christian…

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Is Sperm Bank Use Permissible?

Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director, Christian Life Resources 1. A common method of sperm retrieval involves a violation of the sixth commandment (masturbation with the assistance of pornography). 2. Many ethical and practical issues are the same here as with…

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Terminology of Assisted Reproduction Procedures

Abortion for Sex Selection: Abortion of a male or female unborn child solely because of its gender. Artificial Insemination – Donor (AID): Intravaginal or intraeuterine insemination of a woman with her husband’s sperm (though intrauterine insemination is usually referred to…

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A Christian’s Questions and Answers about IVF

Christian Life Resources QUESTION: Does in vitro fertilization ALWAYS result in discarding (aborting) some embryos? Is this something a couple who had used this process would be aware of? ANSWER: No, the process doesn’t always result in embryos being discarded…

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I Will Never Forget You: Finding Hope and Healing Following Miscarriage or Stillbirth

I will never forget you, my precious child. Just weeks ago, you were living inside me. I was more than a mere woman; I had tasted the sweet joy of motherhood. I had held the miracle of life in my…

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Family Planning

Rev. Wayne D. Mueller Children seem to be an impediment to happiness these days. They are often the pawns of occupational pursuits. When children don’t fit in, they are aborted, abandoned, or divided by divorce. Parents try to prevent their…

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When Life Seems to Have No Meaning

Pastor Bruce Wietzke Why did I not perish at birth, and die as I came from the womb? We know such a question is not uncommon in our world. We live among a people who not only may ask such…

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As God Wills: Understanding God’s Plan for Childless Couples

Mrs. Mary Schmal, Author, Christ-Light Curriculum Somewhere a young man longs to play for a professional football team. Another just hopes to see a live NFL game. Somewhere a young woman longs to be a star in the theaters of…

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Bible Study: Surrogate Parenting

Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director, Christian Life Resources Correct decision-making is determined by Scriptural principles. Some decisions are easy because some principles explicitly address a particular application. For example, it is easy to decide that not stealing is a proper…

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