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Why Pro-Life?

Our ministry is to take the challenges of life, the pregnancy of those wishing to terminate it, or the illness that plagues the sick or dying, and talk about the life that never ends in Christ.

Whether you are here because you are facing a life issue and need direction, want to learn more about the issues, or desire to become more involved in the pro-life arena – we are here for you.

Changing the world is merely remodeling with old, corrupt, and perishable resources. What must occur is an internal transformation, in us and in all people. When that happens, it changes everything else. When Christians understand the salvation of Christ they find it much easier to think more of others (Philippians 2), to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), and to sacrifice for the well-being of others. Moral bankruptcy ends ultimately when God rules the heart. We have the tools and the marching orders. Let’s stay focused and get to work!

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