Christian Life Resources has hosted the Celebration of Life Event (COLE) for 35 years, training thousands of Christians to apply God’s Word to the most challenging life and family issues of our time.



Living Transformed: Workshops provide practical tools for Christians to navigate ethical challenges in life.

Leading Transformed: Workshops to guide pastors, teachers, staff ministers and youth leaders as they encounter specific ministry challenges.

Serving Transformed: Workshops for those on the front lines of life ministries.


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A block of rooms is reserved at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Jackson, Wisconsin.


This year’s Celebration of Life Event is being held at t Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (KML), 3399 Division Road, Jackson, WI. Jackson is located about 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee and can be accessed easily via U.S. Highway 41. Click here to view map. KML has plenty of parking in their parking lots. We will use the school’s Performing Arts Center (PAC) as well as various classrooms for the sessions. Most of the general sessions and the worship opportunities will be held in the PAC.

The facility is accessible for those with disabilities.


Rev. Jim Behringer
​Pastor Jim Behringer, 64, was a parish pastor for 35 years, serving in Michigan, Japan, California, and Wisconsin. He is currently the director of WELS Special Ministries, which addresses obstacles to the church’s usual methods of ministry. (Special Ministries provides resources and guidance for ministry to people with disabilities or special circumstances such as military service, prison, or institutional ministry.) Jim has served on pregnancy counseling center boards in Citrus Heights, California, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, and has been a presenter at several conventions. In 2014, he accepted a position on the Christian Life Resources Board and currently serves as Vice President. He and his wife Vicki are proud of their three sons who are married to wonderful women, and their six grandchildren who are all the delight of their lives.


Ms. Lauren Bell
Lauren began working as the Social Media Specialist at Heartbeat International in 2010. Prior to working for Heartbeat, Lauren worked for Valley Family Church (Kalamazoo, Michigan) and Living Word Church (Dayton, Ohio) in video production.

Since 2010 Lauren has grown Heartbeat’s social media following from just over 1,000 followers to over 215,000 followers. Lauren also has the privilege to serve in a variety of additional roles at Heartbeat, including graphic designer, web content manager, development email campaign manager, and coordinator of Heartbeat’s Babies Go to Congress.

Lauren resides with her family in beautiful Northern Michigan.


Mrs. Christa Brown
Christa is a Registered Nurse who serves as the Abortion Pill Rescue Coordinator and Medical Specialist at Heartbeat International. She has worked for Pregnancy Help Organizations for over twenty years bringing diverse experience to the APR network. Christa has served in the pregnancy help movement as Nursing Director, Executive Director of three centers in Indiana and Michigan, Marketing Director, Director of Internet Communications, and Director of Resource Development. Christa believes strongly in educating and empowering women to make healthy choices in their pregnancies. She has been married for twenty-eight years and has five children and seven grandchildren.


Rev. Robert Fleischmann
Rev. Robert Fleischmann has been the National Director of Christian Life Resources since 1988. He is also the Administrative Pastor at St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church in Slinger, WI, and is adjunct to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He teaches an online masters certificate course at Concordia University on Bioethics and Biotechnology. He speaks throughout North America on the Biblical approach to various life and family issues and counsels people with God’s Word in correct decision-making.

Mrs. Letisha Greyer
Letisha is a New Beginnings’ alumni. While at New Beginnings, she proved herself to be a mentor and friend to other moms. She made great strides while in the program. She is now married and lives with her husband, James and their son, Jamis. She continues to keep in contact with New Beginnings and she is continuing to make progress in her personal and spiritual growth.


Mrs. Brianne Hansen
Brianne Hansen is the Executive Director at New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers. She has been working with the mothers and babies at New Beginnings for over four years, and is thrilled to see Christ working in each mother’s life. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Child and Adolescence Studies Certificate from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University. Mrs. Hansen and her husband, Daniel, are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, and are expecting their first baby on Christmas Eve!


Rev. Steve Pagels
Rev. Pagels was born on August 13, 1972 in Cibecue, AZ, where his father, Richard, served as a missionary to the Apache Indians. Rev. Pagels received his elementary education at St. Peter’s, Helenville, WI. From there he went on to Northwestern Preparatory School (now LPS). He attended Northwestern College on the same campus and graduated in 1994. After vicaring at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Clifton Park, NY and emergency teaching at Huron Valley Lutheran High School in suburban Detroit, MI, he graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1999. Rev. Pagels was assigned to St. John, Wauwatosa, WI, where he served as the outreach pastor until the Lord led him to accept the call to St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Oconomowoc, WI, in 2012. In addition to his church duties, Pagels serves on the national board of CLR and has consulted with congregations working with the WELS Commission on Congregational Counseling. During his first year at the seminary, a classmate introduced him to a childhood friend of his named Shannon. The relationship blossomed, and the Pagels celebrated 21 years of marriage in August. They are the proud parents of two girls, Claire and Greta, and Tux, the world’s greatest cat.

Rev. Paul Prange
Rev. Paul Prange and his wife, Leanne, live in Burlington, Wisconsin, where Leanne teaches kindergarten at St. John’s Lutheran Elementary School (WELS). They have three adult children. Paul has served in the ministry as a pastor, a home missionary, a world missionary, and as a dormitory supervisor, professor, and president of Michigan Lutheran Seminary. At present he is the WELS Administrator for Ministerial Education. He has told the story of his adoption more than once at CLR events, but he has a recent dramatic update to share.


Mrs. Sarah Reik MS, LPC, DCC
Sarah Reik is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Christian Family Solutions in Germantown. She has been counseling individuals and couples for over 18 years with the truths from God’s Word. She also speaks on a variety of topics all over the country. Sarah is married and has four children, and she and her family attend Morning Star in Jackson.

sarah reik for web

Mrs. Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose is co-founder and owner of Holy Hen House, a Bible study leader, musician, a pastor’s wife, and homeschooling mom to four. She lives in small town Kingston, Wisconsin where she is learning to live slowly and appreciate the simple things of life as her family is in its early years. Amanda loves God’s Word, thrift shopping, cooking, playing music, the outdoors, traveling, bringing people together, and being a missionary wherever God plants her.

View More: http://freshframephotography.pass.us/amanda-luminous-portrait

Mr. Paul Schroeder-Haag, LPC
Specializes in working with individuals and families in law enforcement, corrections, and emergency services; domestic violence offenders; domestic violence victims; and those who struggle with addiction/substance abuse, anger management, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and depression. Paul has worked with a wide variety of children and adults from diverse backgrounds, which includes working with autistic children and adolescents, tutoring homeless teens, counseling adolescents in an in-patient behavioral health unit, and coaching youth and teens in football and baseball.

Paul Schroeder-Haaglr

Rev. John Schuetze
John D. Schuetze joined Christian Family Solutions in 2012. He received his MS in Professional Counseling from Concordia University-Wisconsin. He has also received an MDiv from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and a DMin from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he wrote his doctoral project on “Cross-Cultural Concerns in Pastoral Grief Care.” He is also a Board Certified Crisis Response Therapist, a Certified Facilitator for PREPARE/ENRICH premarital and marital reflection assessment, and a certified instructor for the Couple Communication Program and ThriveSphere marital reflection tool.

John has over 30 years’ experience in pastoral counseling. He served as a parish pastor for 15 years until he joined the faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1997 as a professor of pastoral counseling. He presently serves as a campus counselor and consultant.

He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and a member of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy National Certification and Accreditation Association.

Keynote & Break-Out Sectionals

This year’s Celebration of Life Event features a keynote address, plenary, and break-out sectionals geared for the general public, spiritual leaders and affiliates of Christian Life Resources. Attendees are welcome to choose any of the topics that interest them.


“Transformed!” – Rev. Paul Prange, WELS Administrator for Ministerial Education   |  1:30-2:30pm
From preborn babies to those with disabilities to the medically dependent, human life is under assault. Where is the battle now and where is it headed? Rev. Prange will provide insight into our true transformation in Christ. He will also share an update on his personal adoption story.


“Q&A on Life Issues” Rev. Robert Fleischmann, CLR’s National Director  |  3:40-4:30pm
This session will provide the conference audience a unique opportunity to pose questions to Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director of Christian Life Resources.


General workshops providing practical tools for Christians to navigate ethical challenges in life, from parenting to caregiving.

“Stressed Out But Standing Strong” – Mrs. Sarah Reik, Licensed Professional Counselor with Christian Family Solutions  |  10:10-11:00am
This presentation clarifies the issue of stress by looking at the definition of stress, good vs. bad stress, the signs of stress, and the causes of stress. We will discuss solutions for stress by identifying coping skills and stress prevention techniques, as well as considering God’s promises to help during stressful times.

“Word Before World” – Mrs. Amanda Rose, Holy Hen House Women’s Ministry Co-Founder |  11:10am-12:00pm 
Want to make a difference in the world? You don’t have to go far. Before we engage with the world we must be grounded in God’s Word to serve others with Jesus’ compassion. The world is broken but hopeless circumstances can be transformed when we view obstacles as opportunities through God’s purposes. You might be part of the plan! Join Amanda Rose as she shares applicable stories about choosing life from multiple generations, encouragement from the Bible, and inspiration to serve others with no strings attached!

“My Vocation and Pro-Life Issues” – Rev. James Behringer, CLR National Board Vice-Chairman/Director of WELS Special Ministries  |  2:45-3:25pm
Rev. Behringer will discuss the doctrine of vocation as taught by Martin Luther. The presentation will focus on how we, as children of God, carry out our vocation in a pro-life manner.


Workshops to guide pastors, teachers, staff ministers and youth leaders as they encounter specific ministry challenges.

“Why Do Couples Cohabitate, and How Can We Help Them?”  – Rev. John Schuetze, Wis. Luth. Seminary Professor  |  10:10-11:00am
There are many reasons why couples live together before and outside of marriage. We have many decades of study and reflection on this topic that helps us understand some of the reasons why couples cohabitate. Only when we carefully listen to their reasons and address the underlying issues can we help them move forward a God-pleasing solution to their situation.

“A Pastoral Approach to Diverse Opinions” – Rev. Robert Fleischmann, CLR’s National Director  |  11:10am-12:00pm 
This idea-sharing workshop will address differing opinions within families and members on life and family issues in order to bring conversations and decisions that glorify God and build bridges for further learning and counsel.

“Addiction: Helping a Loved One Who’s Struggling” – Mr. Paul Schroeder-Haag, Licensed Professional Counselor with Christian Family Solutions  |  2:45-3:25pm
Each year millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse or addiction. In fact, researchers suggest that nearly everyone can identify at least one person they love who is struggling with an addiction. The presence of this addiction is disruptive, not only to those struggling with it, but it often deeply impacts those closest in their lives. Learn ways to lovingly and productively engage, communicate, and establish boundaries with a loved one struggling with addiction.


Workshops for those on the front lines of life ministries.

“The LOVE Approach at a Glance” – Ms. Christa Brown, Heartbeat International  |  10:10-11:00am
Originally developed by Heartbeat International’s own Peggy Hartshorn, PhD,  The LOVE Approach™ is a simple to learn method with an explosive impact. This workshop provides a thorough overview of this tried and true approach to reach a woman in the “valley of decision” with the life-saving power of compassion and hope.

“Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Social Media Success” – Ms. Lauren Bell, Heartbeat International  |  11:10am-12:00pm  
Diving into the wide world of social media can be intimidating and overwhelming. With dozens of social media sites to choose from where do you begin? In this session we will look at the basics of social media: how to get started, where you should be investing your time, creating compelling content, branding your social media accounts, and many more tips, tricks, and shortcuts for social media success!

“Tools for Effective Decision Making” – Ms. Christa Brown, Heartbeat International  |  2:45-3:25pm
In truth, most decisions we make come in every conceivable shade of gray. Our clients often lack valuable decision-making skills, leading them to make unwise choices. Examine some practical tools to add to your tool belt as you seek to help clients navigate the minefield of decision-making.

Full Session Line-Up


Registration; Continental Breakfast; Display Viewing


Opening Worship with Rev. Steve Pagels, CLR National Board Member; Announcements





  • “Stressed Out But Standing Strong” with Mrs. Sarah Reik, Licensed Professional Counselor with Christian Family Solutions
  • “The LOVE ApproachTM at a Glance” with Ms. Christa Brown, Heartbeat International
  • “Why Do Couples Cohabitate and How Can We Help Them?” with Rev. John Schuetze, Wis. Luth. Seminary Professor





  • “Word Before World” – Mr. Amanda Rose, Holy Hen House Women’s Ministry Co-Founder
  • “Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Social Media Success” – Ms. Lauren Bell, Heartbeat International
  • “A Pastoral Approach to Diverse Opinions” – Rev. Robert Fleischmann, CLR’s National Director




New Beginnings Ministry Update | Mrs. Brianne Hansen, Executive Director & Mrs. Letisha Greyer, Former New Beginnings’ Resident


KEYNOTE ADDRESS | “Transformed!” with Rev. Paul Prange, WELS Administrator for Ministerial Education





  • “My Vocation and Pro-Life Issues” with Rev. James Behringer, CLR National Board Vice-Chairman/Director of WELS Special Ministries
  • “Tools for Effective Decision Making” with Ms. Christa Brown, Heartbeat International
  • “Addiction: Helping a Loved One Who’s Struggling” with Mr. Paul Schroeder-Haag, Licensed Professional Counselor with Christian Family Solutions


Break with Afternoon Snacks


PLENARY | “Q&A on Life Issues” with Rev. Robert Fleischmann, CLR’s National Director


Closing Devotion and Remarks by Rev. Robert Fleischmann, CLR’s National Director

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the CLR Celebration of Life Event?

Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.

When will registration take place?

On-site registration will take place from 8:00-9:00 A.M. and will include a continental breakfast before the opening worship service. All attendees must pick up a name badge at the registration table along with their materials upon arrival.

Where will the event be held?

At Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (KML), 3399 Division Road, Jackson, WI. It is located about 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee and can be accessed easily via U.S. Highway 41. See map above.

Is KLM’s facility handicap-accessible?

Yes, the facility is accessible for those with disabilities.

Is parking available?

KML has plenty of parking in their parking lots.

Where will the workshops take place?

We will use the school’s Performing Arts Center (PAC) as well as various classrooms for the sessions. Most of the general sessions and the worship opportunities will be held in the PAC. The lunch will take place outside the PAC.

Who is invited to attend?

Teens and adults are encouraged to attend the CLR Celebration of Life Event. The sessions are designed for all attendees with three tracks of sectionals: one oriented for those who work in the Christian Life Resources’ pregnancy centers, a second track for spiritual leaders, and the third track oriented for the general public wanting more information on life and family issues.

Although there is no special teen convention planned for this year, high school-aged teenagers are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Is child care available?

No, there will be no child care available.

What is the format for the day?

The agenda includes an opening worship service, a keynote address as well as a number of breakout sectionals throughout the day.

What is the recommended dress attire?

We encourage “business casual” – it is important to be comfortable during the event. Remember that the rooms tend to be cool, so bring a sweater or jacket.

Will the sessions be videotaped?


What is the cost to attend?

The registration fee is $45.00 per person ($40.00 per CLR affiliate). That includes all sessions and materials as well as a continental breakfast, a delicious catered lunch by That’s Amore!, and other snacks throughout the day.

Can I attend part of the day rather than the entire day?

Attendees can attend any portion of the event, but there is no reduced registration fee for partial attendance.

Is a discount available on the registration fee?

Yes. We are offering a $5.00 discount on your registration fee if you are an CLR affiliate. Registration will be available soon.

Is there an evening activity?

A separate “afterglow” event with a light dinner and beverages will take place at the Jackson Town Hall, 3146 Division Road, Jackson, just minutes south of the conference location. This will be a “wind down” opportunity to mingle and discuss the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

What is the cost of the afterglow?

$10.00 per person which includes a light dinner and beverages.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover; call the office if you plan to use American Express), check, or money order.

Is there a cut-off date to register for the conference event?

No, you can register in advance (preferred) or on the day of the event.

Is lodging available?

Yes, a block of rooms is reserved at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Jackson, Wisconsin.

How can I register for the Celebration of Life Event?

Registration will become available by mail, phone, or website. Watch for future announcements that will be posted on the CLR website as well as on CLR’s Facebook page.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are available until Oct. 15. After that date, a $5 service fee will be deducted.

How do I contact you with additional questions?

We invite you to call the office at 414-376-0594 weekdays from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (CST). You can also send an email at info@christianliferesources.com

What is CLR’s mailing address?

Christian Life Resources
Box 56
Richfield, WI 53076-0056

Worship Musician

THE LUTHERAN CEILI ORCHESTRA was formed at St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mark Jeske has been the iconic pastor there for over 20 years. A purveyor of Irish music (he plays the bozouki and acoustic guitar), he founded the group in the early 1990s. “The Lutheran Ceili Orchestra” traditionally assembled annually for an all-Irish service there every March, around St. Patrick’s Sunday. This special service was meant from the beginning to encourage awareness of the history of the Christian faith in ancient Ireland, as well as introduce the rich Celtic tradition of fantastic hymns and riveting music. I joined the group while attending Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2000 and was totally inspired by the concept. Over the next few years, I met many other Celtic-style musicians in other Lutheran Churches in the area, notably Gloria Schroeder, a fantastic fiddler from Faith Lutheran Church in Fond du Lac. I called her up one December to play a tune or two at Faith during their Christmas Candlelight Service. It was meant to be a one-time thing, but instead we were surprised by a strong, positive response. I started thinking that maybe this would be something that other churches would appreciate as well. So a few of THE LUTHERAN CEILI ORCHESTRA’s core members started touring around to other churches during the year to spread our unique blend of Lutheran Hymns with traditional Celtic Tunes.

Afterglow Fellowship

The Afterglow will take place immediately after the Celebration of Life Event conference at Jackson Town Hall (approximately one minute south of KML on the east side of Division Road. Address is 3146 Division Road, Jackson). This separate event is $10 and will begin around 5:00 P.M. We will provide food, dessert, and beverages. It will be a “wind down” opportunity to mingle and discuss the day in a relaxed atmosphere. RSVP’ing isn’t required, but it will help us to get an estimated count for food.

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