While You Were Gone…

In the upper Midwest, summer is an escape from the often exaggerated frigidness of winter. Kids are out of school, and we save up our vacation time to use the summer to go places or spend some quiet time around the house.

The world, however, never stops. Let me share a few things with you that did not make the BIG headlines:


On June 17, Russian biologist, Denis Rebrikov announced plans to continue what disgraced Chinese scientist, He Jiankui had started – create gene-edited human embryos. Nature magazine called on the scientific community to dissuade Rebrikov in this effort, saying: “The one thing that almost everyone agrees on is that, right now, it is irresponsible to pursue further human germline editing to make babies.”

Assisted Suicide

In June, the American Medical Association (AMA) voted 71% to 29% to reaffirm its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. In that same month, Maine became the eighth state to legalize assisted suicide. I just received word that assisted suicide legislation will soon be proposed in the state of Wisconsin. Meanwhile, there is growing interest in harvesting usable organs from those who terminate their own lives.

You Are What You Eat – or so some say!

Researchers, alarmed at the rapid rise of children experiencing autism spectrum disorder (ASD), report that in 2000 1 in 150 children had ASD. In 2012 the number rose to 1 in 68 and as of 2018 it was 1 in 59. Researchers still do not know what causes ASD. The latest theory is that a mother consuming processed foods during her pregnancy could be a factor.


The suicide rate among teens rose in 2007 and then took a sharper increase beginning in 2014. The two most common causes of suicide reported by researchers included the opioid epidemic and economics.


The United States, which eradicated measles in 2000, now has over 1,077 cases of measles. Outbreaks are attributed to travelers bringing the disease from other countries as well as people not vaccinating against the disease. The vaccination issue is expected to surface again as children return to schools.

Donor Womb

There have been babies born from the wombs of living donors. Last December, Brazil reported the live birth of a baby via a womb donated by a deceased donor. In June, the Cleveland Clinic reported doing the same thing.

While you were gone, things just kept going – and we work hard to stay on top of it.

Christian Life Resources, however, does not just relay the news. We filter the news through the sieve of God’s Word. We look not only at the obvious implications but also at the collateral issues. For example, abortion is fatal to the unborn child. That is obvious and is a cause for objection. Beyond that, however, misguided reasoning, undue influences, and social pressures cloud the judgment. Christian Life Resources exists to speak the clarity of Scripture, even in an environment that wants to reject such clarity. Ours is not always a popular message, but to the sinful heart, truth seldom is.

God observed that the inclination of our hearts is sinful. Left to ourselves we take liberties that are not ours to take. We presume a right to create life and a right to end it. We judge our existence through blinders as we stand in front of mirrors convinced that what is good for us must be good for everyone.

Christian Life Resources seeks to present the truth in love. We point to an eternal relationship founded on the most selfless sacrifice of all time – the death of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. In response to that love we are compelled to love others and to think of them before ourselves.

Your gift does more than keep the lights on. It enables us to stay current on the many life and family issues of our time. It enables us to be there for those seeking clarity.

While you were gone, things kept happening. Please support us so that we can always be vigilant and ready to speak the truth.

For LIFE in Christ,

Pastor Robert Fleischmann
National Director

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