Lord of Life // A Pro-Life Hymn


(To the Melody of “Lord of Glory, Who Has Bought Us” – Christian Worship, Hymn #486)

Lord of life, whose hand has made us,
Formed us each with tender care.
You have crowned us with your image,
Not intending such despair.
Yet through sin the glory faded,
Death and doom came in its place.
But in spite of our condition,
We’ve been rescued by your grace!

God so loved the world, he gave us
Jesus Christ to bear our sin.
On the cross his life he offered,
That we might be his again.
And the Holy Spirit calls us
By the Gospel’s joyful ring,
Making us his own dear children
Us, eternal life to bring.

Lord of life, who rose in triumph,
Conqu’ring death and giving hope,
You have called us and equipped us,
In a sinful world to cope.
Teaching us to love each other,
To befriend and help in strife;
To forgive and seek to comfort,
And preserve the gift of life.

Help us, Lord, to see as you do,
Life is precious in each stage,
From the unborn to the feeble,
Life is precious in each age.
Help us. Lord, to be your witness
And to show the world we care,
So that people may not perish
But, instead, your life may share.

[Permission is given by Christian Life Resources for one-time use of this hymn — meaning, the song may be sung more than once, but not on a regular basis. Please note source as Christian Life Resources]


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