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Christian Life Resources Advisement on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

The world is facing the biggest health crisis of our time, and it provides the Christian community the opportunity to demonstrate prudence, courage, and Christ-like concern for others.

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A Christian’s Response to a Pandemic

Most of us are not going to have a typical worship experience for some time. This devotional is an opportunity to comment on the pandemic and our response to it. This truly is a life issue, which if it gets out of control, will raise the specter of allocating limited resources. Italy has experienced this dilemma, facing the horrific reality of having to choose who is most worthy of care. Complying with government guidelines in response to the virus represents a credible attempt to avoid facing the same dilemma. This demands sacrifices from all of us. For the sake of others, it is worth it.

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Prayer of the Church in the COVID-19 Crisis

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Medical Directives and COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the impact of COVID-19, we have seen a surge in the number of individuals obtaining CLR’s Christian medical directive. It’s estimated that roughly 60 percent of Americans do not have any end-of-life plan on paper. CLR suggests using your quarantine time to obtain this important document.

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God’s Word – God’s Comfort

Comforting Bible verses during difficult times.

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COVID-19 Pandemic… Here’s the Latest for You to Know

On Monday, March 16, 2020, Christian Life Resources released its “Advisement on the COVID-19 Coronavirus.” With that communication I wanted to accomplish three things: 1) Update you on what we know about the virus; 2) Share ideas on what we, as Christians, can do at this time; and 3) Remind you to maintain perspective.

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