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Christian Life Resources offers speakers for a variety of events on a variety of topics. To learn about requesting a speaker for your next event, read below. Questions can be directed to CLR by phone at 1-800-729-9535 or by email.


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Rev. Robert Fleischmann has been the National Director of Christian Life Resources since 1988. He is adjunct to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He teaches an online Master’s certificate course at Concordia University on Bioethics and Biotechnology. He speaks throughout North America on the Biblical approach to various life and family issues and counsels people with God’s Word in correct decision-making. ​



Forrest Bivens served as a parish pastor in California and Michigan for 22 years and then served for 22 years as classroom instructor at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Wisconsin. He retired from full-time public ministry in 2015 and now serves as part-time supply preacher, teacher, and administrator for WLS and area congregations.



Carmelita Aufdemberge is the Executive Director at New Beginnings-A Home for Mothers. She was the Case Manager in 2018 and has enjoyed watching Christ’s redeeming work at New Beginnings. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eureka College as well as a Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Adler University. Carmelita is continuing her studies by pursing a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Adler University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Mrs. Aufdemberge and her husband, Alex, are members of Jordan Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Allis.


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Q & A on Life and Family Issues (MOST POPULAR TOPIC)The Work of Christian Life ResourcesThe Work of New Beginnings – A Home for MothersThe 'Culture of Death' StruggleChallenges in Contemporary Medical CareTechnology and BiotechnologyFertility, Birth Control, and Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART)Human SexualityEmbryology and ExperimentationChristian EthicsChurch and StateConfronting CultureEugenicsAnd When I DieBeginning of LifeMedical DirectivesDealing with Differing OpinionsOther

Available Dates:

  • CLR has released the dates of availability through August 2020 in an email to WELS/ELS pastors in late July. Since those email responses have resulted in a majority of the dates having been taken, we ask that you contact the CLR office directly by phone at 800-729-9535 and inquire about availability.

Presentation Topics

All presentations reflect a Biblical perspective on respective social trends:

Q & A on Life and Family Issues: Our most popular presentation! Questions can be asked on any life or family topic. Host is encouraged to distribute list of topics and encourage questions to be submitted anonymously at the presentation or in advance.

The Work of Christian Life Resources: Overview of the history of CLR and the way the ministry serves today.

The Work of New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers: Overview of the history of the home-for-mothers’ ministry of New Beginnings and the way it serves mothers and their children.

The “Culture of Death” Struggle: A look at suicide, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and a culture of death that presumes death over life based on quality standards.

Challenges in Contemporary Medical Care: A discussion of medical directive statements, pain management, resuscitation orders, alternative medicine options, allocation of limited resources, no-win scenarios, and decision-making options to stop or pursue further treatments.

Technology and Biotechnology: An examination of the line between restoring health and enhancing life, the future of artificial intelligence and transhumanism, and the blessings and curses of technological advancement.

Fertility, Birth Control, and Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART): Exploration of issues involving infertility, appropriateness and options in birth control choices, and various considerations when engaged in in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other ART technology.

Human Sexuality: Chastity, infidelity, various expressions of sexuality from heterosexuality to homosexuality to asexuality, gender dyphoria, transgenderism, as well traditional and non-traditional relationships from monogamy to polyamory are explained.

Embryology and Experimentation: A look at the beginning of life in its earliest stages, social attitudes about that life, and the promise/perils of stem cell research.

Christian Ethics: An explanation that, although we are constantly forced to make moral decisions in difficult and complex situations dealing with beginning-of-life issues, end-of-life issues, and during-life issues, we were created as ethical creatures and were also recreated in Christ Jesus to express ethical conduct of the highest quality.

Church and State: An overview of the rights, limitations, and challenges of working as a Christian and as a congregation within a republic form of government.  This includes discussing activism suggestions and limitations.

Confronting Culture: An opportunity as professing Christians who have been on the losing end of legal battles in our increasingly secular society to  identify and stimulate discussion on ways the believing community can grow in traits and attitudes that can serve us well as we confront culture.

Eugenics: A discussion of the culture of a society that determines some lives are worth living and others are not. This presentation looks at the issue from a historical perspective and the perils involving contemporary trends.

And When I Die: A look at death from the perspective of the patient, family member, and concerned friend.  In addition to dealing with attitudes and challenges in the dying process we will consider circumstances in which a decision is difficult to make.

Beginning of Life: An examination of a variety of beginning-of-life issues, such as fetal development, abortion, prenatal testing, genetic engineering of children, three-parent embryos, etc.

Medical Directives: A focus on the role of medical directives and filling out CLR’s Christian version of the advance directive statement.

Dealing with Differing Opinions: An exploration of the ways to deal with challenging life and family issues on a one-to-one basis with a focus on bridge-building and dealing with objections and concerns.

NOTE: Pastor Fleischmann also presents at conferences or seminars over a period of hours or days (examples: pastors’ conferences, retreats, etc.). Contact the national office regarding a topic tailored to your needs.


Pastor Fleischmann uses PowerPoint for most of his presentations using his own laptop that runs on Windows 7. He also uses PowerPoint during his sermon based on availability at the venue.

The CLR office will inquire about such availability of the following A/V equipment for the event. We realize your venue might not have any, might have some, or could have most of the equipment. The CLR staff will work with the coordinator to pinpoint the A/V equipment you have.

– Projector with VGA connection and cable
– Projector with HDMI connection and cable
– PowerPoint Capabilities with 4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio, or
– PowerPoint Capabilities with 16:9 HDTV Aspect Ratio
– Screen
– Confidence monitor (similar to a teleprompter allowing the presenter to see what is coming up). This monitor is generally placed in a location that is not distracting to the audience — such as the back of church.
– Speaker or sound system to connect to laptop with 1/8″ plug

Speaker Compensation

Christian Life Resources operates entirely on donations to the ministry.  We never want money to be a reason not to have a representative of Christian Life Resources preach or present.  Nevertheless, we ask that you follow these guidelines to help us be the best stewards we can of our limited resources.

Preaching Engagements

When a representative of Christian Life Resources is invited to preach in a worship service, all expenses are covered by Christian Life Resources. We ask, however, that the inviting congregation do what it can to help defray costs by providing an honorarium made out to Christian Life Resources (if that is customary); take a special door offering for Christian Life Resources; and/or provide and promote a sign-up sheet for people to learn more about Christian Life Resources (CLR can provide the sign-up sheet). We prefer where possible that preaching engagements that include the opportunity to conduct Bible Study. If the timing can be coordinated, the representative of Christian Life Resources may be able to present at an area Pastors’ Circuit or Conference Meeting the previous or next day(s).

Presentation Associated with a Preaching Engagement

The stipulations indicated under “Preaching Engagements” apply if the representative of Christian Life Resources is asked to present during the Bible Class period before, between, or after he has preached for a worship service.

If an additional presentation is required (same area/location, close to the same time, etc.) and it does not require additional travel, lodging, or car expenses, no extra fees will be associated with the additional presentation.

If the additional presentation does require extra expenses and the event is for a gathering of pastors (any number), or the host can guarantee a minimum of 25 people in attendance, CLR will not require an honorarium to be paid. Otherwise, a minimum honorarium of $150 is requested of groups unable to meet the 25-person minimum attendance.  If possible, please consider a door offering to mitigate costs and encourage those attending to sign-up to receive more information about Christian Life Resources.

Events Not Related to Preaching

Such events include presenting a Bible Class (with no associated preaching), conference, event, or seminar. The host must guarantee a minimum of 25 people in attendance. If such a guarantee cannot be made and the audience is smaller, a minimum honorarium of $150 is asked. Travel and lodging costs should be reimbursed by the inviting group regardless of the number in attendance.

NOTE: At every presentation, event attendees are provided material on the work of Christian Life Resources and are invited to sign up to receive regular communications on the work of the ministry.

Payment of Fees

Fees should be paid in the form of a check made out to “Christian Life Resources” and given to the presenter at the time of the event or sent to the CLR office afterwards.

Any honorarium, stipend, or fee intended for Pastor Fleischmann should be provided in a check made out to “Christian Life Resources.” IMPORTANT: Pastor Fleischmann requests that no checks be made out in his name.  He also will not accept cash taken at a door offering.  All cash collected should not be given to the presenter; it should be converted into a check made out to “Christian Life Resources.”

Christian Life Resources
Box 56
Richfield, WI 53076

Live Video Presentation

CLR presentations on life and family issues are preferred to be done in-person. No matter how sophisticated our technology may be, nothing beats eye contact, observable hand gestures, and the chit-chat that goes with an in-person presentation.

Sometimes, however, this is not possible. The class might meet at an odd time, the attendance might not be that large, or the time period might be too restrictive. In such circumstances, CLR is willing to provide a live video presentation. This option requires a good internet connection, video projector, and sound system on your end.

The cost for a Live Video Presentation is $75/presentation, and the host is required to hand out the complete packet of material on the work of Christian Life Resources. These materials will be sent in advance.

Promotional Materials

Please use these promotional materials as you see fit to promote Christian Life Resources coming to your event. If you need anything additional, please contact us.


Pastor Robert Fleischmann from Christian Life Resources will preach for the congregation’s __________________________ (Life Observance Sunday, Mission Festival, etc.) on __________________ (Date). He will also lead the Bible study entitled, “________________________.” Pastor Fleischmann has served as the National Director of Christian Life Resources since 1988. The mission of CLR is to use life and family issues as bridges to convey the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ.

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Rev. Robert Fleischmann has been the National Director of Christian Life Resources since 1988. He is an adjunct professor at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He also teaches an online Master’s certificate course at Concordia University on Bioethics and Biotechnology. He speaks throughout North America on the Biblical approach to various life and family issues and counsels people with God’s Word in correct decision-making.



The Reverend Robert Fleischmann currently serves as the National Director of Christian Life Resources, Incorporated. The organization’s primary mission is to use life and family issues as bridge to coney the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ. Its ministry consists of 14 pregnancy care  centers and one home for mothers.

The organization also helps people to understand and make Scripturally-guided decisions in medical matters, particularly as they apply to beginning- and end-of-life concerns. The Bible is central in this ministry which seeks to save lives both for now and eternity through education on such critical issues as abortion, infanticide, suicide and euthanasia. Christian Life Resources, Inc., is one of the largest single-denominational pro-life agencies in the United States. Though its theological position reflects that of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), the agency serves people of all faiths.

Pastor Fleischmann speaks throughout North America on the Biblical approach to various life and family issues. He writes on a wide variety of life issues and counsels people with God’s Word in making medical decisions.

Robert Fleischmann was born in Pleasanton, California in 1956. He was raised in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where he attended public grade schools and high school. He considers First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lake Geneva his home congregation and was confirmed from there in 1970.

He became involved with life issues in 1976 while a student at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. He later graduated from Bethany in 1979. That year he began working with Wisconsin Citizens Concerned for Life (the precursor to Wisconsin Right to Life) where he served as the volunteer co-editor of the organization’s state newsletter. He also helped form the Wisconsin state affiliate of Lutherans for Life.

During his seminary years, he began working in the area of life issues within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). He attended the May 1983 formation of what is today Christian Life Resources and was one of the original signers of the organization’s constitution.

Pastor Fleischmann marked his entrance into the pastoral ministry in 1983 upon his graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. He was called to serve as the pastor of Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Wisconsin. In 1988 Pastor Fleischmann was called to serve as the first National Director of Christian Life Resources where his responsibilities included administering all programs and staff for Christian Life Resources.

In 1993 he founded New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers which operated in Denver, Colorado, for nearly 21 years. In the summer of 2014 that ministry relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it continues to care for single mothers and babies.

Following the unexpected death of a pastor, Rev. Fleischmann split his time as National Director of christian Life Resources and administrative pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Slinger, Wisconsin between February 2014 and June 2019. He is now back full time serving as the National Director of Christian Life Resources.

He serves as an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy in the Bioethics Department at Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin, and has taught at Summe rquarter at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. He presently serves on the Wisconsin Coalition of the Patients’ Rights Action Fund.

Pastor Fleischmann and his family live in Hartford, Wisconsin, and his parents live next door.


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The mission of Christian Life Resources is to use life and family issues as bridges to convey the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ.


Our Mission 

The mission of Christian Life Resources is to use life and family issues as bridges to convey the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ. This organization educates people on what God’s Word has to say about the value and sanctity of human life. The intent is to mobilize Christians to make God-pleasing decisions about life and family issues. We focus attention on many issues such as: abortion, infertility, birth control, post-abortion syndrome, infanticide, medical directive statements, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. You may also access CLR’s Position Statement on Abortion and CLR’s Position Statement on Euthanasia.

Our Background 

When the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion nationally on January 22, 1973, members of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Libertyville, Illinois, saw the need to do something. Working with their pastor and with members from area Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) congregations, they opened the first WELS Lutherans for Life pregnancy counseling center. As time passed, more and more independent centers sprouted up around the country until 1983 when they united to form the national organization that existed as WELS Lutherans for Life. In 1999, the name was changed to Christian Life Resources, Incorporated.

Our Purpose 

The national office provides counsel to clergy, teachers, and lay people on a wide range of life- and family-related topics. It is a resource center of materials and services on these issues. Most importantly, the national office educates others on the perspective of God’s Word as it relates to these issues. Through its official publication, Clearly Caring, lending library, email services and resource files, the national office seeks to answer the question, “What would God have me to do?” based on the direction found in God’s Word. Through CLR’s website, we offer a wide assortment of information on life and family issues. We also provide free downloads of a Christian medical directive, customized for all states and some Canadian provinces.

Our Growth 

To date, the organization consists of 12 chapters which operate 14 pregnancy care centers across the United States. These centers are visited by approximately 11,000 clients each year. In addition to these regional chapters there are currently a number of congregational branches.

Christian Life Resources also helped to organize and fund most of the work of New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers which relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2014. This program began in 1993 in response to the needs of single mothers and their newborns by providing residence and assistance in spiritual, academic, and vocational concerns. It is currently staffed by one full-time home manager, three part-time staff, and volunteer relief staff members.

Our Affiliation 

With our affiliation, WELS Christian Life Resources subjects itself to the doctrine and practice of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, but it is not supervised or funded by the WELS budget or its administrators.

Our Office 

When the national office opened in May 1983, it operated from the church office at St. John’s in Libertyville, Illinois. In time it was moved to Plymouth, Wisconsin. From there it moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when Pastor Robert Fleischmann was called to be the first national director of the organization. For six years the office occupied two different locations in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area near Mayfair Mall. In January 1995, the office opened the doors to an expanded office location next door to the former WELS Administration Building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then in July 2008, CLR moved its headquarters to Richfield, Wisconsin.

Beginning in June 2014, Christian Life Resources staff relocated to their homes to concentrate on the CLR mission to use life and family issues as bridges to convey the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ.

Christian Life Resources
Box 56
Richfield, WI 53076-0056

You can also contact the CLR office by phone at 1-800-729-9535.

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