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When God Is Calling | June 2020

Margaret entered the intensive care unit by way of the hospital’s emergency room. For over two decades, Margaret, or “Maggie” as her friends call her, wrestled with cancer. It began as a lump in a breast, followed by treatment and remission. A few years later cancer returned. This time it was a double mastectomy, more treatments, and remission. The treatments were not easy. They wore Maggie out and made everything taste metallic.

Several years went by. Maggie became sick. Imaging revealed two spots on her left kidney. Cancer had returned. More treatments and remission.

This time it looked worse than ever. Her husband found her passed out, so an ambulance took Maggie to the ER. Tests were run, and the verdict was in: Cancer had returned with a vengeance.

From a sincere heart of faith, Maggie asked her pastor: “Should I keep fighting?”


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