United States Supreme Court

Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director, Christian Life Resources

The formal release of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women‘s Health decision today (June 24, 2022) overturning Roe v. Wade marks a new chapter of challenges and opportunities for Christians long concerned about the plight of unborn children and their mothers. On the one hand, any restriction of abortion rights means increased protection for the youngest of human beings – unborn children. We celebrate that protection.

On the other hand, we have become a society accustomed to accessing abortion. As such, it will become important for the Christian and pro-life community to step forward and help mothers, especially those without spousal or family support, to care for their child. Sadly, abortion had become a birth control option – that is now removed. We want to assure that a threat to pre-birth existence does not become a threat to post-birth existence. The opportunity is here to truly demonstrate love for both the mother and the child.

Christian Life Resources especially remains committed to the proclamation of life through Jesus Christ. As such, whether in a state of unfettered abortion, or a state of very restricted access to abortion, our mission remains the same – to use the circumstance of an unplanned pregnancy to talk about our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


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